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Gold Exotica Print S/S Shirt

  • $145.00

This dazzling print reflects the era of Mai Tai's and DC-3's, relaxation and sophistication. Dress it up or wear it to the beach, this shirt is for anytime. Limited to 23 pieces. Made in Los Angeles.


 -Convertible Loop Collar

-100% Rayon Crinkle Fabric

-Original 1950's Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

-Original 1950's Rayon button loops

-Single pleat rear yoke

-Double Breast Pockets



Sizing (in inches)

 *model is a 36 chest wearing a size small

If unsure, size up! These are a slim cut.

To find your size: With your arms relaxed, run a measuring tape under your armpits, around the entirety of your chest.

SMALL: 34-36 Chest

MEDIUM: 38-40 Chest

LARGE: 40-42 Chest

XL: 42-44 Chest

XXL: 44-46 Chest