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Gold Rayon S/S Shirt

  • $145.00

The classic drape of this shirt is instantly recognizable. This soft rayon flows with every movement, always keeping your comfort and confidence in mind. Limited to 13 pieces. Made in Los Angeles.


 -Convertible Loop Collar

-100% Rayon fabric

-Original 1950's Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

-Original 1950's Rayon button loops

-Single pleat rear yoke

-Double Breast Pockets



Sizing (in inches)

 *model is a 36 chest wearing a size small

If unsure, size up! These are a slim cut.

To find your size: With your arms relaxed, run a measuring tape under your armpits, around the entirety of your chest.

SMALL: 34-36 Chest

MEDIUM: 38-40 Chest

LARGE: 40-42 Chest

XL: 42-44 Chest

XXL: 44-46 Chest